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Brief Intro about this Course:

Below is list of tutorial by Abdul Wali, follow the sequence and you will be an SEO expert in no time.

Section 1: SEO Introduction & Welcome!

Lecture 1: Instructor’s Introduction & Course Content

Lecture 2: Welcome note! Article

Lecture 3: What is SEO?

Section 2: SEO Basic Essentials

Lecture 4: Things to Note Before Creating your Website

Lecture 5: Keyword Research Overview

Lecture 5.5: Know your competitors

Lecture 6: Normal Keywords vs Long Tail Keywords

Lecture 7 : Submitting Site URL to Search Engines

Lecture 8: Submitting Your Site URL or Post URL to Search Engines

Lecture 9: Basic WordPress SEO Setting

Lecture 10: Yoast SEO Plugin Setting

Lecture 11: Know More About Yoast Plugin

Lecture 12: Updated: Yoast SEO Plugin (2016 Changes)

Lecture 13: WP Fastest Cache (Update)

Lecture 14: How Search Engines Work?

Lecture 14.5 How to rank website pages

Lecture 15: Google Ranking Factors & How it works

Lecture 16: Further Reading! Article

Quiz 1: SEO Challenge #1: 4 questions

Section 3: Complete On-Page SEO

Lecture 17: On-Page SEO – Keyword Research For Single Article (Secrets)

Lecture 18: Things to Note…

Lecture 19: On-Page SEO – Keyword Density, Keyword Prominence & Keyword Proximity

Lecture 20: What are Keyword Density, Prominence & Proximity?

Lecture 21: Keyword Density Checking Tool

Lecture 22: On-Page SEO – Secrets for Optimizing Articles

Lecture 23: Optimizing Articles: Checklist (PDF)

Lecture 24: On-Page SEO – Interlinking within Articles

Lecture 25: On-Page SEO: Benefits of Interlinking

Lecture 26: Update: On-Page SEO Setting for Yoast Plugin

Lecture 27: On-Page SEO – Promoting Article on Social Media

Lecture 28: Promoting Content on Social Media (PDF)

Lecture 29: Updated: Free Keyword Research Tools (2016)

Lecture 30: Further Reading for On-Page SEO!

Quiz 2: SEO Challenge #2: 6 questions

Section 4: Complete Off-Page SEO

Lecture 31: Off-Page SEO: Tracking the Keyword

Lecture 32: Tips for Tracking the Keyword (PDF)

Lecture 33: Off-Page SEO – Full Outline (PDF)

Lecture 34: Off-Page SEO: Importance of Social Networks

Lecture 35: Off-Page SEO: Adding Website into Social Profiles

Lecture 36: Off-Page SEO: Adding Site Link to Social Profiles (Important)

Lecture 37: Off-Page: Social Bookmarking

Lecture 38: Off-Page: Submitting a Sitemap to Google

Lecture 38.5: Off-Page: Submitting a sitemap to Bing

Lecture 39: Further Reading for Off-Page SEO!

Section 5: Off-Page: SEO Link Building

Lecture 40: Off-Page: Submission to Blog Directories

Lecture 40.5: Off-Page: SEO Link building by article submission

Lecture 41: Off-Page: List of Blog Directories Which Still Work!

Lecture 42: Off-Page: Nofollow & Dofollow Links

Lecture 43: Off-Page: The Difference Between Dofollow & Nofollow (PDF)

Lecture 44: Off-Page: Blog Commenting to Create Backlinks

Lecture 45: Off-Page: List of Blogs for Creating Backlinks

Lecture 46: Off-Page: Effective Forum Postings (Backlinks)

Lecture 47: Off-Page: Creating .Edu & .Gov Backlinks (Secrets)

Lecture 48: Off-Page: Video Blogging to Create Backlinks (Secrets)

Lecture 49: Off-Page: List of Video Sharing Websites to Get Extra Traffic!

Lecture 50: Off-Page: Sharing Slides to Create Backlinks

Lecture 51: Off-Page: Top Slide Sharing Sites for Backlinks (PDF)

Lecture 52: Off-Page: Tracking the Keyword (Ranked)

Lecture 53: Off-Page: Reviews & Feedback Directories to Create Backlinks

Lecture 53.1: Off-Page SEO: Guest Post Blogging to get backlinks

Lecture 53.2: Off-Page SEO: Magic ways to create dofollow backlinks 1

Lecture 53.3: Off-Page SEO: Magic ways to create dofollow backlinks 2

Lecture 53.4: Off-Page SEO: Magic ways to create dofollow backlinks 3

Lecture 53.5: Off-Page SEO: Private Blog Network – PBN to for link building

Lecture 54: Off-Page: List of Review/Feedback Websites (PDF)

Lecture 55: Off-Page: Checking the Progress of the Keyword

Lecture 55.5: Off-Page: Small SEO tool for free SEO tools

Lecture 56: Further Reading on Link Building!

Lecture 57: Special: Page One Ranking Formula (PDF Book)

Quiz 3: SEO Challenge #3: 6 questions

Section 6: Ranked Up Several Keywords in Google!

Lecture 58: Tracking the Keyword (Ranked on 1st Page)

Lecture 59: Ranked Multiple Keywords on 1st Page of Google!

Lecture 60: How Did We Rank Multiple Keywords?

Quiz 4: SEO Challenge #4: 2 questions

Section 7: More Known Off-Page SEO Components!

Lecture 61: Robots.txt File (How to Set up a Proper One)

Lecture 62: SEO Ready Robots.txt file for WordPress & Blogger

Lecture 63: Domain Authority (How to Check & Improve it)

Lecture 64: Page Authority (How to Check & Improve it)

Lecture 65: Google Page Rank (How to Check & Improve) (PR updates are stopped)

Lecture 66: Bounce Rate (How to Check & Improve)

Lecture 67: Duplicate Content Issues (How to Check)

Lecture 68: Conclusion of this part!

Quiz 5: SEO Challenge #5: 3 questions

Section 8: Google Webmaster Tools

Lecture 69: Google Webmaster Tools – Introduction

Lecture 70: Google Webmaster Tools – Structured Data

Lecture 71: Google Webmaster Tools – HTML Improvements & Sitelinks

Lecture 72: Google Webmaster Tools – Search Traffic

Lecture 73: Google Webmaster Tools – Search Traffic

Lecture 74: Google Webmaster Tools – Google Index

Lecture 75: Google Webmaster Tools – Crawling

Lecture 76: Google Webmaster Tools – Sitemaps

Lecture 77: Conclusion & Summary of this Section!

Lecture 78: Further Reading on Google Webmaster Tools

Section 9: Bing Webmaster Tools

Lecture 79: Bing Webmaster Tools – Adding Website & Sitemap

Lecture 80: Bing Webmaster Tools – Further Reading!

Section 10: Google Analytic Tool

Lecture 81: Google Analytic Tool – Overview

Lecture 82: Google Analytic Tool – Real Time

Lecture 83: Google Analytic Tool – Audience

Lecture 84: Google Analytic Tool – Further Reading

Google Algorithms: Panda and Penguin

Lecture 85: Google Algorithms: Introduction

Lecture 86: Google Algorithms: Panda and Penguin

Lecture 87: Google Algorithms: To Know Panda and Penguin Penalty

Lecture 88: Google Algorithms: Recovery from Panda Penalty

Lecture 89: Google Algorithms: Recovery from Penguin Penalty

Lecture 90: Google Algorithms: Others