SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a must things nowadays. If you do not have enough knowledge of SEO then you are loosing a potential traffic that might be yours. Many bloggers have shared their SEO tips and courses, among them is a famous name Aamir Iqbal. He has shared SEO course in Urdu/Hindi Language. He give his course in a USB, according to him he is not charnging for the course, just the cost of USB itself and the courier cost. He has an active group of more then 50k people on Facebook, where he share every thing and help new bloggers. This course is very famous by the name of “Aamir Iqbal ki SEO wali USB” or Aamir Iqbal SEO course in USB.

Famous Aamir Bahi ki SEO wali USB Course

Watch every part in detail and if you have any question just mention the part number along with your questions in comment and we will try our best to help you.

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Part 1: Introduction to SEO and Selecting Niche


Part 2: Selecting Website name and Domain name



Part 3: Buying Domain Name and Hosting


Part 4: Setting up WordPress


Part 5: Installing New Theme and Plugins and customisation


Part 6: Theme settings and posting article


Part 7: Selecting related Keywords for your article


Part 8


Part 9


Part 10


Part 11


Part 12


Part 13


Part 14


Part 15


Part 16


Part 17


Part 18


Part 19


Part 20


Part 21